Cannot use headphone, but jackport is fine

I can play audio on my fairphone, but when I insert my headphone the player continues but the sound stops. The problem seems to be software related because the hardware is fine:

  1. My headphone is not broken, it works fine with other devices. It is compatible with my FP2 because it worked before.

  2. My Jackport is not broken. I thought it was, so I replaced the top module. Nothing changed. Cost me 30 bucks :frowning:

What to do?

Have you tried to increase the volume while the headphone is inserted and the music is playing? (There are six different volume controls: Ringtone, phone earpiece, alarm clock, media playback via speaker, headphones and Bluetooth.)

Have you tried another headphones?

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I am embarrassed to say that you solved my problem. I didn’t check the different volume controls. Thank you so much!