Cannot uninstall Threema from FP2 running (latest) FPOOS 23

After moving to an FP4 with /e/OS (fine!), I try to uninstall Threema (non-system, messenger) from my old FP2, which runs the latest FP Open OS (which is so buggy that I am forced to the FP4 :frowning:

The uninstall fails with the simple statement ‚Äúpacket installer was terminated‚ÄĚ (well, in German: ‚ÄúPaketinstallation wurde beendet‚ÄĚ), whether it is started from the launcher, from Aurora, after reboot or after terminating the packet installer.

Is there anything I can look up to find and fix the cause of the failure?

(This is needed because every time I start the FP2, Threema connects to its server, meaning I get a warning on the FP4 that ‚Äúsomebody‚ÄĚ used my Threema account on another device. )

Danke & Gr√ľ√üe von

You don’t need to uninstall Threema, just delete your Threema-ID from the old phone.


‚Ķor you just factory reset your FP2? This would ‚Äúautomatically‚ÄĚ trash the old Threema installation together with everything else. And after a factory reset the FP2 might appear to be less buggy again?