Cannot switch off one of two simcards after update FP Open

Tonight I updated my FP2 (not rooted) to FPO 18.10.0. Everything went smoothly.
Nevertheless…I have one sim card (sim 1) for daily use, and one (sim 2) that I only want to switch on/use occasionally. However, after the lates update I seem to be forced to switch on both cards permanently.
I can set up preferences (data, phone calls, messages), but I cannot find a way to actually switch off sim 2 anymore whenever I want to.

I don’t want to take the card out all the time. Why is this feature removed, and is there a work around? Or am I overlooking anything?

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The feature of deactivating one SIM card has been (eventually temporarily) removed, since it has to be reprogrammed from scratch by Fairphone staff when before it came from SoC vendor.


OK, thank you for explaining. So I’ll stop looking for work arounds. I do hope this feature can be restored in the near future…

Thanks for bringing the issue up. I am in the same situation. I hope it will come back.

Please bring the feature back, I do not want to have my office-SIM activated all the time…

Just a wild guess and question for the experts … can this be achieved by a GSM code?

One more vote for this feature. This is an unnecessary battery drain, I only use my second SIM for a few days a year and don’t want it to be on otherwise. I used to say that FP2 is perfect for my use case, as I can turn off the second SIM when not needed.

I understand especially for the battery drain issue under Android 6, but at least when not moving much (haven’t tested much e.g. inside train or car yet) I cannot reproduce battery drain issue on Android 7.

This would really help Australian users, because there is no 2G here, only 3G and 4G.
Therefore, we need to be able to switch from one card to the other. Two at once is not possible.
With Android 7 the only option now is to remove the SIM physically.

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yes please make this feature come back! I think I would not have made the update if i knew it was disabled. @Amber what does “eventually” mean in your response? finally (english) or possibly (german)


You’ll have to follow issue #55 in the bug tracker to know when this will be fixed. Currently the status is “accepted”, which means the FP team can reproduce it and will next try to find a root cause.


thx for the bug tracker link, i’m looking forward for some updates! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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