Cannot shut down or restart after latest Fairphone update

I updated my Fairphone 4 yesterday (Android 13) and all seemed to be ok, but I just found out I can’t shut down or restart the phone anymore.
When pressing the power button nothing happens on the display.
I can turn the phone off by removing the battery, can also restart by pushing the power button.
Is this a known bug? Are there other ways to shut down a FP4 than removing the battery?

Thank you

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Settings → System → Gestures → Press & hold power button → Power menu

Alternatively, you can turn off the phone from quick settings (swipe twice from the top and then tap on the button in the bottom right corner).


A third way for shutdown menu would be to simultaneously press power and vol-down (or vol-up, don’t remember exactly).

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Volume-up (and Power) is the correct one to shut down the phone.
Volume down (and Power) takes a screen shot.


thank you! that works!

thank you! that works, too :-)!

Hi, after upgrading to android 13, I can no longer shutdown/reboot using the power button, every time I try Google assistant pops up either to offer ‘help’ if activated or to ask me to activate if currently deactivated. There is no getting around this. Had anyone else else encountered this and any idea of a fix?

Hi and welcome, please read above

Hi, thanks. I can indeed shutdown by other means, but this remains a bug as the power button no longer works due to Google assistant interfering whether turned on or off.

Again, please read above, all posts! I dont see a bug here, as this can be changed doing this


Apologies, correct I didn’t read all posts, just trying to shutdown by any means - gestures it is.

Thanks so much for this @Razem.
I thought I must’ve done something silly to get it coming up with the Google Assistant instead of powering off the phone and I’d never have thought of looking under Gestures to be able to reset the power button!

Very grateful to you and to you, @yvmuell for pointing us to Razem’s solution,
Warmest thanks, Andrea