Cannot send a question to support?

I have serious issues with my FP2, and it is not working anymore. So I am trying to reach support by the support scheme, but I cant load the question scheme. How to get through to support?

If I could have some help with these issues, it would be of great help.

Yesterday it started to go into a reboot-loop, where the phone is starting up and then shuts down and starts up again, without ever coming to the possilibity to write in a pin code. Now my phone also is freezed, so I am not able to write the pin code to start the phone. It also shuts down without starting again.

Other issues I have experienced with the phone:

  • People do not hear me at phone calls, even I hear them very well. They say it is fragmented, so they hear maybe every fifth word. This has been an issue all the time since I got the phone, and has been very frustrating because I now don’t do phone calls unless I really have to. I have also tried using external headset with microphone, and it works even worse.

-I have had problems that the screen is freezing, so I cannot open the phone. This is especially when I am charging the phone.

  • I don’t receive phone calls. I get a text message some hours later that someone has tried to phone me.

  • Text messages are coming in very late, sometimes the day after it was sent to me.

  • Text messages are sent many time, the same text message was sent 30 times without giving me a hint about it.

  • Unable to send text messages to certain persons.

If you have a working phone it’s best to call them during work hours.

Are you able to get to recovery mode? From there you could perform a hard reset. It will erase all your data but also solve most software issues.

Please use the search function of this forum. You’ll find many posts about how to contact support and also topics about your other issues. Please post further questions there.

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