Cannot save changed or added location

I just tried to add a location to the Hamburg meetup topic 🇩🇪 Treffen in Hamburg für alle Fairphoner*innen

After entering the street, zip code, city and country the location is found, but nothing happens when I click the “Done” button.
The browser console shows

[PLUGIN discourse-locations] Deprecation notice: DButton no longer supports @action as a string. Please refactor to use an closure action instead. [deprecation id: discourse.d-button-action-string]

Don’t know when that changed but it used to work.

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Seconded, had exactly the same happening with Vienna recently already and now also with Hamburg.

P.S.: I moved this into the new category for Forum Admin Support, but then realized there aren’t enough members yet, so moved it back into Discuss | The Forum

That probably happened after a recent Discourse upgrade (which includes upgrades for all plugins). I guess you’d need to contact the plugin maintainers for support regarding the deprecation notice.

Found something :wink:
It has been fixed in the plugin source code 3 days ago.

I don’t know how new discourse plugin versions are released and where to look if there’s an update available already.


How critical is the issue?

Plugins are updated during Discourse maintenance, which I do after a new version of Discourse has been released. However, if the issue is critical then I can plan a maintenance session sooner.

I think it’s not really critical as people can always add the information to the first post and have done so anyway.

Maybe we don’t even need this plugin anymore. IIRC correctly it was used to automate the events on the community map. But that has changed anyway with the new events plugin. So I assume we don’t need it anymore.

If the plugin is no longer needed then I might as well remove it during the next maintenance session.