Cannot receive images over text

Hi, I recently purchased a fairphone 4. I have been using it a while, but it seems I am unable to download images from MMS I assume. I have googled this problem and have tried many of the “solutions” to no avail. I am really worried as I cannot download images like my roster for work from my boss. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I did not receive an MMS since most likely 20 years, so I’m not sure what download means in this case? The only I could think of are that probably the APN are not set up for MMS? APN are mobile provider specific, so just ask the provider or search it online. You can find APN in the phone settings under network and the respective SIM card most likely under advanced


simply receiving an image (MMS is usually sent through some form of mobile data). sometimes you only get a notification about the incoming MMS message, but the image itself isn’t shown until it’s downloaded to the device.

Thanks for clarifying😊 so are still the APNs the issue or more the app used? Do we need more info like, is the FP4 OS up to date {which Version is installed), is there an error message, or what exactly happens?

So it looks like this on the messages app. I’ve fully updated everything. I tap on it to download, but it just results in an endless spinning circle.

do you have mobile data enabled? if not, does the same thing happen when you enable it?

Yes, I have mobile data enabled

What about the settings @yvmuell mentioned?

The APN settings are exactly the same as is listed on the website. Still no luck.

Does the app need any rights to download? You can check what rights are granted or refused in the settings under Apps for each app. Else, probably try another app, like Signal.

SMS apps don’t need storage permissions to receive MMS. trying another SMS app is worth a shot though, QKSMS is another good one to check out

Could there be a size limit for the downloaded file (possibly imposed by the network operator)?
The other day someone sent me by MMS an image file that didn’t download, although this usually works. They ended up sending it to me by mail, it came through OK at 3.7MB.

However, in this particular case I couldn’t exclude the possibility of a mistake on the part of the sender. :wink:

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Hi, QKMS also doesn’t receive images. However, I can receive pictures sent from iPhones. I told my boss that my phone isn’t working and to send me the images over WhatsApp, this worked. Is there anything else I can do, this is incredibly annoying as I’d like to see the images I get sent via text.

Was your phone number recently connected to an IPhone?

Yes, it was. Had iPhone for a long time.

OK then I would advise searching the Internet, there have been issues reported for receiving SMS (probably also MMS) when switching from Apple to Android.

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Hi was this resolved @rozcopta? I have the same issue with the endless spinning ball for any mms?y number has never been connected to an iphone so that can’t be the cause for my issue.

Any help would be much appreciated @yvmuell(?)

No this hasn’t been solved yet. I took the phone to my provider and they said it may be an incompatibility issue. Tried a sim with a different provider which worked ok.

Hi Duncan44 and welcome to the community forum !

Outside of a regular Internet connection (such as used by messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp), images can only be sent by MMS.
In most cases, MMS will automatically be invoked when the user sends a text message (SMS) and wants to include an image (or other type of file).
SMS and MMS will only work if the phone’s APN settings are compatible with the network operator’s system. If you are having difficulties you should obtain the correct settings from the operator (these are usually available from their website). Verify all values scrupulously, one wrong character will likely prevent it from functioning properly.

MMS requires a data connection (this is not strictly speaking the same as an Internet connection). There is an Android setting which allows MMS to work even if “data” is switched off on the phone. Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > MMS messages
If this option is disabled, then you must turn on “data” before sending or receiving MMS messages.

If you need help from the forum, please state your network operator.

Please be aware that not all operators allow MMS with all types of subscription.

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Just a word on the iPhone / Android question. When changing phones, and especially when moving from iPhone to Android, it’s worth getting a new SIM. This is likely to trigger updates in the providers’ databases which are often not updated dynamically.

SIMs are not expensive and this may save you endless bother and wasted time.