Cannot pair FP2 with Suunto Spartan

Hi, I have a FP2 with 6.0.1 up to date. I cannot pair it with a Suunto Spartan watch. The devices can find each other but they will not pair successfully. I have tried many times, erased BT data from both devices, rebooted them… I also don’t know (and don’t know how to check) whose fault is.

I have paired the FP2 with other devices successfully: the Wahoo Elemnt, a headset, a loudspeaker… I have also paired successfully the Suunto watch successfully with my previous phone (a Nexus 5 with 6.0.1). Both devices are capable to pair, it just seems that not with each other. Any hints?

PS: this bug is the only reason why I am keeping alive my very old and very hardware broken Nexus 5. I train almost every day and the FP2 would be the natural way to get the data out of the watch up to the cloud.

After upgrading FP2 to FP2-gms-18.01.1, the problem still persists. Both devices establish contact but they don’t pair successfully.

Meanwhile, my very old Nexus 5 keeps pairing within seconds.

Cool, you must be Qgil of Maemo fame. Welcome! <3

Exactly which version do you have?

I saw this angry review on Google Play:

A thread on Reddit also suggested Bluetooth issues.

Which Bluetooth version does it sport? Does it use BLE? When you put the device in pairing mode, do you see 2 Bluetooth addresses ( 1 non-LE, 1 LE)?

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