Cannot open the Service Core (GmsCore) file

Hey guys,

this has happened to me before. sometimes when i download .apk file I cannot open it. simply nothing happens when i click the file.

the files i cannot open are market with a sort of document image instead of the usual little android icon.

see image below:

Does anyone have an idea why that is and how i can prevent this from happening? or if there is an alternative way for me to open the file somehow.

PS: running fairphone os btw

On Fairphone OS you can’t install microg, because you already have Google Services installed - which microg emulate on an OS without Google.

Thanks for your help Paul,
but hm … now i am confused. since i installed fairphone os to get rid of all the google stuff that was on the phone.
Also how come, if google services comes with fairphone os that none of the programs i install that need google services dont work and ask me to install google services?

Sorry Paul! I am running Fairphone Open 16.10.0

Still cannot open microG and some other .apk files i downloaded. :frowning:

Well then I guess your sources are not good.
It’s best to download F-Droid and install microg from there.

Here is a guide:

The correct procedure to install microg is written down in Level 5 > Step 5.

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