Cannot make voicemail notification disappear

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hello, I have the same problem on my FP2, and I can’t solve it… thanks !

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I’m having this problem too: the notifications in the lock screen always show ‘new voicemail’ but everytime I call there is no voicemail there. It’s annoying because when I am on a train and go into a place with no signal, then out again, it constantly chimes to say I have a message. It’s being sent from the Phone app and I’ve tried turning notifications off. Help us! :slightly_smiling:

Yes same problem. I can’t ring my voicemail either so can’t check if I have a voicemail message or not

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I’ve been having the same problem. I had been using my old Nokia phone to try to move my contacts. I thought it might have been something to do with that, as I was trying different things to connect the two phones. Voicemail icon remains on screen with unknown number for zero minutes and then repeats the message ever 15 minutes. :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi again
I have solved my problem (and it wasn’t my FP2). :smiley:
The previous post mentioned the phone network, so I went online to my network provider (GIff Gaff) and followed instructions to set up voicemail on Android. Sorted.:sunglasses:

My FP2 permanently displays a notification saying I have a voicemail, but when I ring the number, it says that I don’t!

I realise this could be an issue with my network, rather than the phone itself, but I wasn’t having this problem on my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy III). For reference, I’m on O2, in the UK.

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@anthony, @laura_schmitt, did you ever solve this issue? My problem is the same as described by anthony: I get a notification, call the number, but find I have no voicemails. The notification the recurs immediately.

Hey there!

Yes I found a solution to this - I called myself from my friends phone and left a voice message. Then call your voicemail and listen to the full message you just left. Then after the message, you can follow the prompts like “to hear this message again, press 2” or “to listen to your saved messages, press 3”. This gives the answering service an extra bit of time to transmit to the phone that the messages have been received.

Good luck and let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Didn’t work for me… Have same problem, but I’m going to try the other solution and see if it works. ThNks

Did anyone manage to solve this problem… I have tried everything suggested and a few more things with no luck… I’m with EE.

I haven’t been able to fix it, no. Unfortunately, I now have a rather more serious problem which has rendered my phone unusable!

Oh dear! I don’t think I want to know about that! My problem with the voicemail notification suddenly resolved itself… I know not how. Good luck with your problem.

Sorry Anthony - that’s not it… I too have the “New voicemail” and “Voicemail number unknown” problem - 10 times a day I get that notification. Select it … and it starts the call - then rings off, unsolved. However what YOU did was set up a standard Voicemail, via 1211, right. THAT works fine.
I have another 10 times a day notification- “Couldn’t sign in” (to Yahoo server)… Username and password requested… I do that… CORRECTLY - and get “Problem with account set up - Your user name or password is incorrect” Catch22 = can’t be solved

I barely notice REAL notifications I am so swamped with these. SO - I either switch my SIM into my old Samsung and bin the FP2 - or try again…
I yelled at Vodafone. Suggestion: software glitch in smartphone; remove all data and Factory Reset.
Has THIS worked for anyone??

Anyone?? Does a factory re-set work?

Yeah gods. It worked. Did the Factory Reset. Lost my texts, but saved all contacts into a memory card - and got them back. Emails also coming in. No false Voicemail or Yahoo log in error messages.
Thanks, Forum. Only posting this to demonstrate it can be done by non teckies.


Hello, I’m finding that if I don’t check my voicemail immediately (something I’m disinclined to do when there’s bad signal, I know its just spam or I’m not in my home country and its going to cost me loads of money) then it keeps notifying me more and more often until its going several times a minute. Can anybody tell me how to just turn the f#:"%er off? I’m not ready to listen to it now, I’m not going to be ready in 20, 25, 40, 57 or 113 seconds time either. Please stop vibrating all day! It seems to be linked inextricably to ringer volume, so if i turn to volume down enough to not hear the constant notification tone, I also can’t hear incoming calls. I havent yet found a way to stop it vibrating even when on silent, and its driving me nuts! I know I could just listen to the voicemail but as aforementioned I know its spam and I’m several thousand miles away from home, and will be for at least 2 weeks more, in which I really don’t want to smash my phone against the wall. Any help, much appreciated!

Typically, voicemail is saved and managed at your provider, not the phone. So please call them.

Some more things to diagnose: Are these notifications by the OS or Messages send to your phone. What’s the exact content of these?


Its coming up on the home screen, not as a text so I assume from the OS? It says ‘new voicemail voicemail number unknown’ and unlike other notifications, it won’t swipe away. The vibration keeps coming over and over again.