Cannot login in Fairphone support website. Is it the same login as for the shop?

What login credentials should one use for

The same as for the shop at

If so, then it does not work.

But note I also disallow third-party cookies in my browser and have various anti-tracking extensions installed, so it may be a technical issue, too.

Until now i have not experience with the support website, but i think that the user and password should be the same that you created by the online shop, beause for example buying a FP3 is mandatory to create a new user und password, if not already exist, to be used later as contact between the company and the new customer, thus one reason to contact could be support.

I am quite sure the logins differ. Shop and Support are based on different software as far as I know.


This means, we should have 3 users and 3 passwords:

  1. online shop
  2. Support
  3. community

That should be too much for the most of Customers, right?
Just to remember 3 Passwords for the same Company relation seems to me too much.
I was expecting just 1 but 2 (online shop and community) could be still more that enought.

Or are they the same for Support and community?
Thank you.

Indeed, these are three different logins, yes. Unfortunate and it it would be very desirable if Shop and Support shared one account. But in the case of the Fairphone Community Forum, it’s not about customer relations because the forum is essentially run both by and for users and just (web)hosted by Fairphone.


Yes, i understand that, but the community Forum should be very very important for the Company, for many reasons, for example: minize “official” First level Support cause internally in the Company they are saving time and resources, etc…
Thank you.

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