"Cannot load app" when trying to access the Forum

Sometimes I can’t open forum.fairphone.com, because I get the error message

load app

even though I am clearly online. This happens on my Windows 10 PC with Firefox as well as on my FP2 with Lightning Browser. In the past it also happened on my MacBook Pro 2010 with Firefox, but I haven’t tested it there recently.
This is really annoying, since I have to restart Firefox several times and try to connect to other websites in the tab before I can go to the Forum and because I don’t have any clue why this message pops up.

Maybe someone can explain it to me and/or help?


You’re not the only one.



I noticed that it happens a lot when I’m accessing the forum on the phone and the connection is lost for a moment or because of the switch from WiFi to mobile network or the other way around.

It is very annoying indeed, because it also happens to browser tabs which were completely loaded already, but then only display “Cannot load app” when you finally switch to them for reading.

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Reloading the page usually works for me. On mobile the reload button works, I don’t recall whether desktop browsers work with just F5 or need Ctrl+F5.

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Just tried it, but just as I thought, reloading doesn’t work for me. But strangely, opening a new tab and trying it again there works… :confused:

That’s right, but in the (until now) rare cases I got this on my PC reloading the page didn’t help, even opening new tabs didn’t help reliably, I had to restart the browser.

Firefox Quantum on the phone and the PC.

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