Cannot import sim card contacts

Hello folks!

I have a new, second life, fairphone and everything is working so far, BUT one problem.
I cannot import my sim card contacts. When I click on import and then choose the Sim Card1, it won’t show any contacs. Any other phone I’ve tried is finding my contacs easily.

Do you have any idea how I can get my (about 180) sim card contacs on this phone?
I don’t care HOW, but I need them.

As a workaround, you can import the contacts on a different Android phone and then export them to a .vcf file:

Contacts app > menu > Import/export > Import from SIM card
Contacts app > menu > Import/export > Export to .vcf file

You can transfer the .vcf file to the internal storage of the FP2 and import the contacts that way.

Contacts app > menu > Import/export > Import from .vcf file


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