Cannot exit welcome screens

Just bought FP2, installed simcard and configured for wifi and email addresses.
When I switch it on I get ‘Welcome’ screen and then the ‘account added’ and ‘set up email’ screens which show that these have been accepted
Then my only option seems to be the back arrow which takes me to the Welcome screen again
Switch it on and it just goes to Welcome
I cannot get out of this loop
How do I get to the main screen and normal operation?

I just tried with a newly installed Fairphone OS 18.09.2, but there’s always a “Skip” or “Next” or something to continue … so I can’t reproduce this.

If it was me, I’d do a factory reset and try again … since it seems you can’t access the settings, just take the “If your Fairphone 2 doesn’t start anymore” route …

On the next try, please make detailed notes of every single screen from the “Welcome” screen on and what you do with it (but no personal data!), so if the trouble comes up again, it would be easier to reproduce and troubleshoot.

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Thank you
I was just being stupid

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