Cannot enable background data (Google Play Store)


I’m trying to use F-Droid whenever possible, but would also like to install a few things from the Google Play Store. I’ve disabled a bunch of Google Apps, but don’t think I disabled those that are needed for the Play Store. This is backed up by the fact that downloading apps from there worked just fine yesterday. Today it suddenly complains that background data is turned off and needs to be re-enabled. I found the following instructions,

but when I go there (in either language), I only get Networks that are metered wi-fi networks. None of them are, but it’s also turned off. I don’t see any option for background data.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

(I’d also be happy to include a screenshot, but don’t know how to do that here.)


Press the power and the volume down button at the same time to make a screenshot.

When you connect the FP2 to the PC, please tap in the notification to open the options and select MTP and disable the other options.

You can include them with the seventh button from the left on the PC. Or simply pull the file into the editor. When in the forum on the FP2, you will get an “Upload” button on the bottom right.

I have the same problem (I do not use F-Droid).
To set “Google Play Store” in action again, I have to clear data in “Settings” ->“Apps”->“Google Play Store” ->press “Clear Data”.
I have to do this before I yse Google Play Store. If there is a solution to the problem I would like to know.

Hi @TobiasF, thanks for the instructions.

Here’s the screenshot fo what I get when I go to Settings --> Data Usage --> Menu --> Network restrictions. All networks are unticked and I don’t see any other reference to background data here, but the Google Play Store still ‘complains’ that I need to enable background data. However, it doesn’t complain every time, it usually works for a couple of minutes and then the message pops up again. Alternatively after every ‘action’ (for example downloading an app or closing and re-opening the play store) it also again asks me to enable background data.

Any further ideas on what the problem might be?


I have find out that my problem was, I had enabled the “Battery saving”-option. This feature prevent the use of background data. After having disabled “Battery saving” Google Play Store is working fine.

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