Cannot change my profile picture in this forum


I don’t know where to ask, but I cannot change my profile picture. Ok, the upload works, I can see my picture and press “Save Changes”:


But after this nothing happens. I did this several times on different days in different browsers with different pictures and everytime I got:

“You’ve successfully changed your profile picture but it might take some time to appear due to browser caching.”

But I did’t get my profile picture changed. What did I wrong?

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Strange, it seems like you did everything correctly.

You could upload the picture here and I could try (as a moderator I can change profile pics for other people).

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This would be nice. Thank you very much! :smiley:


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It seems to be a glitch in the forum software. I’m guessing you never uploaded this image yourself right:


This seems to be the example image for custom images and for some reason this is assigned to your profile instead of the image you uploaded.

Maybe @anon83519835 can look into it.

Lately every new forum user avatar looks like this to me. Not the coloured circles with the first letter of the username anymore.


I just tested this with a newly created user account. It is still possible to switch back to the coloured circles. I can also confirm that an uploaded picture won’t make it through.

I also tested and found that this affects both jpg and png files.


I made a quick search on but didn’t find any current topic about this. So either it is specific to our forum or it might get fixed with an update (we are almost always a bit behind with discourse versions).

Interestingly it’s not really every new user that is affected as admins can see here.
Maybe it depends on the method of signing up?

@datenteiler, @lotte42, @Karl_Aldenhoff, @Sara_Salgado, @ximenamvc, @Eddi23 how did you sign up to this forum?

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With my Google account.

I signed up today, with my regular hotmail account and I thought I changed my profile picture but I also don’t see it changed…

Could be it takes some time for verification it’s a ‘safe’ picture? Otherwise I think I’m experiencing the same problem as @datenteiler

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did you logged out and logged in again after changing your picture? Just to be sure not trying to be “the IT crowd funny”

I will check this


I tried but no change unfortunately :frowning:

You also have a :vampire: in your closet by any change? :smiley:

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i can’t change my user picture too. :frowning:
i logged in with my win7-notebook with thunderbird and over the community-website directly…

is this working now?


Yes, the uploaded picture on my test account is showing now. :slight_smile: It also seems that the “backlog” of uploaded yet not displayed pictures is now displayed without further action necessary on the part of the affected forum member.

Thank you!

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