Cannot boot into recovery mode anymore

Hei everyone,
I just flashes lineage os 15.1. on my fairphone 2 yesterday using twrp and adb. I also wanted to flash open gapps. I unfortunately did’n have the correct version on my phone and it didn’t work. I could however at that time still boot into recovery mode. After I put the (apparently) correct file on my phone I wanted to reboot into recovery using volume+ and power but got stuck in fastboot mode. I tried a cupple of different things to acces recovery mode. (adb reboot recovery, advanced start options) I always end up in fastboot. The phone vibrates once and then vibrates again 3 times and the led starts blinking blue. I cannot seem to find a solution to this problem and hope that one of you can help me.

Take off the case from the phone and try again.
If it works then, have a look at the Volume - button and make sure it isn’t somehow stuck in the case.

My FP2 just got into the same issue, after a series of problems starting this afternoon. It locked up during charging, green LED for full charge but blank screen and could not get it to turn on. Restart -> boot screen but nothing more. Could not get into TWRP, got screen but adb could not access the phone. Tried reflashing recovery from fastboot and now both volume+ and - get me to fastboot!

To be continued, but right now my phone boots normally (to boot screen and locks up, but “normal” boot) with power only, goes into fastboot both with volume - and +.

Ok, if for whatever reason only fastboot mode works … here’s how to boot a signed TWRP image (this is not the normal install image) via fastboot … #twrpwoflashing .

Hei thanks for your replies. The idea with taking off the case and/or removing battery I tried and they didn’t work.
I did after googling for another 2 h (I already did two sessions around 8 h coming up with no result- so this post felt like the last straw) it finally worked when i flashed an older image of twrp on the phone (using fastboot). I got acces to twrp recovery again and was able too do a wipe again and reinstall lineage and opengapps.
Maybe this will help someone as well and thank you loads for your time.

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