Cannot access download folder with Team Win Recovery Project

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install opengapps on my OpenOS following this instructions:

However, when I boot to start the Team Win Recovery project, I choose install, but I cannot navigate to the download folder. It is simply nowhere to be found.

I have a microsd card which I formatted to be used exclusively with the phone. I can imagine the download folde must be, consequently, in the microsd card. However, when clicking on ‘mount’ in the main dialogue of the Team Win Recovery Project, the microsd slot is not ticked, and cannot be ticked (the boxes for System, Cache and Data are all ticked)

This suggest that I cannot access any content of the microsd from the TWRP… Any way I can fix this? I really need to use some google apps and would hate to have to revert back to the google-based OS.


Not sure if I’m right, but if you formatted the SDcard as internal storage the system recognises it as - you guessed it - internal storage, NOT as external SD. So you should be able to navigate to the download folder in the internal storage :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I would think also, but I can’t. I navigated through every possible folder and I cannot see any of the folders of the FP that are not the system folder (no downloads, media, music, video, etc…)

At the end I had to remove the sd card, make the phone forget it, download opengapps again (this time, to the phone’s internal memory) and now I can easily navigate to it through TWRP.

But just du be sure: Why do you even want to install GApps? If you just want to have access to the Play Store, you could also download Yalp Store or Galaxy, which lets you download every free app from the Play Store anonymously :wink:

Damn… did not know that. When looking on the FP forum for a way to use google apps in OpenOS, the gapps method is the firs thing that comes up

Yes, but google apps and apps that are on the play store are not the same thing.

And just in case you still want to install some zip file in TWRP ever: If you can’t navigate to the folder where it’s located, just move it into a folder you can navigate to.

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