Canaries, Madeira, Azores SIM cards with data?

Folks, I need to get away. NOW. I plan to go to one or some of the Macaronesian islands (because of $reasons). Work has been a friggin’ desaster of late, and I need to get some kilometers between me and everything related to this. At the same time, I am bound to check my mail at least once a day (f*ck this!) and ppbly ruin my time off.

On a more positive note, with a smartphone and a data connection at hand, I can hopefully find accomodation on any of the Macaronesian islands on short notice, i.e. even when I arrive there.

So, my question to the helpful and outstandingly well traveled Fairphone community: does any of you have first-hand knowledge on how to get a SIM with data connectivity on Tenerife (also: La Gomera, La Palma), Madeira, and São Miguel?

Preferrably prepaid, or at least w/o a longer contract, if prepaid preferrably rechargable easily. Preferrably at the Airport. Definetly sth. wich works with the FP1 (some Spanish telcos seem to be quite annoying, blocking tethering, e.g. - I’m not sure, but I might need to use a laptop at some point.)

Anyone who can advise me can also ping me on twitter. I might not be very active on the forum for a month or two.

A big thank you in advance.

The only first hand knowledge I have is about Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera, the town where most people stay at this island. The coverage is extremely bad. There are some parts of the town where there is hardly any at all and only a few places where you have a usable internet connection (3G or EDGE). If things haven’t changed during the last few months, the only network that works there at least a little bit is Movistar, which is the company with generally the best coverage but also the most expensive (like Telekom in Germany). They have prepaid offer for 5€ a month with 400MB (Habla 24 Horas + Tarifa Internet 5), but I don’t know if there is any problem with FP1. Tethering is explicitly permitted. Personally, I have a prepaid card from Yoigo, which is the smallest provider but uses the Movistar network where their own is not available. This works quite good for me, I’ve never had any problem with my FP1 and tethering works well. They offer 600MB for 7,25€. The problem might be to get a sim card, since they don’t have many shops there Recharging, however, has never been a problem for me.

So, if you are planing to stay at Valle Gran Rey, you won’t have much more choices…


For some reason my reply via mail did not show up here.*

Thanks, @Irina_Spitznagel, that info on Movistar and it’s reseller Yoigo is exactly what I am looking for. How do you recharge? Cashcodes (like nearly everywhere I went before, available at every bodega or gas station), direct debit (as some German provides offer), or credit card? Also, I don’t really speak Spanish - this won’t be a problem when trying to get a SIM, would it? I am using google translate to look at the webpages at the moment…

Edit: flights booked. Coming to the Canaries.

*(Hä? Das ist auch das erste mal, dass mit sowas passiert. Egal.)

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I just thought about it and I think just forget about Yoigo and go directely to Movistar. They have shops almost everywhere. And I think it would be the best thing to go to an official shop, because 1.) in Spain you have to register with your ID/passportnumber in order to get a SIM and 2.) as a foreigner, you can’t do that via the websites, as the Spanish ID format is required :frowning:
Recharging won’t be any problem. You can do it in tobacco shops, internet cafes, gas stations etc. (just tell them you number, provider and amount of money) or via the website with your credit card.

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@Irina_Spitznagel, my second reply seems also to be lost. I just wanted to thank you for the infos. Will surely put some pics somewhere, by courtesy of Movistar, if 3G works properly.

I’ll plan to hop over to La Gomera, and will try to do some whale watching. Hope not to drop my Fairphone into the Atlantic, or even drop over board myself (because, exitement!) in we case we would spot a Physeter macrocephalus. :whale: If I see a fellow Fairphoner on La Gomera, I might approach and ask if she gave the tip. Hopefully I’ve got a cold beverage at hand, then, to invite you. :wine_glass: :beers:

Thanks a million. I was sure I could count on the #WeAreFairphone community.

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Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go La Gomera this year again :frowning:
But have fun and enjoy the good Dorada or the even better craft beer from La Palma “Jara”. :beers:

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Yes, the #WeAreFairphone community is just great! :smiley: