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The FP3 would support more LTE bands according to this source. As the FP2 is out of production it might be worth waiting a moment to see whether these FP3 rumours are true.

the specs are out, and it looks like the FP3 supports more bands than the FP2. follow the discussion here:


Hello there!
Just arrived in Canada, staying here for some time.
My FP2 works fine here with Fido, but I need to replace the battery. Do you know if the official FP store ships spare parts to Canada? Are you aware of any different way to get a new FP2 battery?


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The official Fairphone shop does not ship to Canada.

But resellers might do, e.g. Vireo … https://www.vireo.de/marken/fairphone/8628/fairphone-2-akku.


Cool! I’ll check it out!
May ask if there is a way to make sure the battery is really gone or if there could be a different issue in the mobile?
As many other FP2 mine has many aches and pains :slight_smile:

You could try the online troubleshooter … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue

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You can find a list of resellers, that sold the FP2 and accessories in this thread:

Though not all will send batteries on their own overseas, as they are hazardous goods. E.g. ecosto did not deliver to Canada, if I recall it correctly.
There must be another thread with that question already.

Just got FP3 and it works nicely on 4G with Fizz (Videotron QC).


Hi fvo_3000,
I live in Quebec too and would like to know where did you buy your FP3 ?

Got it sent to friends in Europe then some other friends brought it over to me :smile:


Hello! I am new to this community and will be ordering an FP3 through Vireo shortly. I live in Montreal. Excited to share my experience when I get my hands on it :slight_smile:


FYI - the shipping was cheaper from Clove (https://www.clove.co.uk/collections/smartphones-fairphone). Overall cost was about $50 CAD less. The taxes/duties were about $45, and I ordered mine on Tuesday and got it on Friday! Couldn’t believe how quick they got that moving. It wasn’t an expedited shipping option or anything…


Oh my - I’ll look into them!

I notice this was posted in May 2016, any comments in your experience since then. I assume you are using a Fairphone 2

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I’m so happy this thread continues to grow years later with more Canadian Fairphoners! Yes! My Fairphone 2 is still going strong in Ontario on Fido Carrier.


Maybe it’s time for some #fairphoneangels to rise up? :smirk: :raised_hands: :angel:


English will follow.

Hey gens de Québec, j’ai eu mon Fairphone 3 la semaine passée et il fonctionne très bien avec Fizz. Je n’ai toutefois pas de forfait internet, mais pour le téléphone, le wifi et le Bluetooth, le FP3 va beaucoup mieux que mon ancien FP2. Une amie à moi était en Allemagne et elle me l’a rapporté.
J’ai encore mon FP2 et il fonctionnait bien avec Fizz, mais pas le 3G. Le 3G fonctionnait avec Fido par contre.

Hey, I got my Fairphone 3 last week (a friend of mine was in Germany) and it’s working like a charm with Fizz in Quebec city! The FP3 is way better then my FP2 for calling, wifi and Bluetooth.
I sill have my FP2 (still working) and it was also good with Fizz, but not the 3G. The 3G worked with Fido back in the days.


Free FP2 zombie on offer here:

I think it would be so much better if this could stay and help some other Fairphoners in Canada rather than sending it back overseas.

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Just wondering if there is anyone with a Fairphone 3 that lives in Toronto, Ontario in Canada that would be willing to let me see the phone in person?

I am planning to order one from the Clove website (thank you to @teleute for the recommendation!). Before making such a significant purchase, I would really like to be able see the phone first.

If anyone is able to assist please let me know. Thank you!

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