🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦

Nice! I hope you enjoy it!

That’s weird, I asked Public Mobile if their network would take the Fairphone and I was answered no:

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The answer wasn’t no, but that it is not completely compatible.

According to http://willmyphonework.net it is not compatible with 2G, but it is compatible with 3G (on the 1900 MHz band, but not on 850MHz), and with LTE (on some frequencies).

I don’t know though what that limitations may mean in practice.


We are using it in Public Mobile without a data plan. Everything works
fine. We can call, we can text, and we can use internet when we have wifi.


Hello guys !

I just got my FP2 with the open os. I’m using it with Fido in Montreal.

Did you have any issue with the localisation ? I can’t get my position either with GPS, cellular network nor both. It says “Position unknown”.

Thanks !

You may wanna have a look at this:


Hi Folks! Great to see that there is a Canadian community!
Based on the discussion here I feel confident that I’ll get a Fairphone 2 (probably Open OS) for use here in Canada.
I’m based in the GTA (Waterloo), so I will probably follow Jonnydark’s lead and go with Fido.
I’ll probably import the phone through family members in Germany - any recommendations for that?


Hi @aerler glad you’re joining the Canuck Fairphone movement!

Importing is pretty simple… just have it shipped to your family members then have them ship it to you. I recommend a courier service where you can track where it’s at.

Installing Open OS is really simple. Follow these instructions: Fairphone Open OS Download and Instructions (LINK)

BTW I’m partial of the Translucent cover. It looks amazing and makes it feel like a very special phone.


Thanks for the link.
I kinda agree: the translucent cover makes it look very special!
My concern about importing it is mainly with respect to customs… what was your experience?

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Translucent covers have proved to be a bit “unstable”…:

If you don’t want to handle a possible warranty return in the future (especially since living outside the EU), I advice you to go for one of the new slim covers.


So, the new slim cases are supposed to be hardier? I would have thought the opposite… but I don’t really have any basis for this assumption…

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Please follow this discussion to learn more about the new slim case:

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Hi @aerler

Oh it passed customs no problem!

@Stefan oh no now I’m going to be worried. I’ll just have to cherish it more.


Did you declare the phone for customs or did you have it sent in an undeclared package? I had bad experience with customs before: I ordered a fancy keyboard from the US and had to pay lots of tariff on it…

And Jonnydark, any issues with your translucent cover yet?

@aerler I can’t remember the specifics. I know I had to pay but I couldn’t tell you what anymore. And the clear cover has worked out great for me.

Hey @blutch!

Good to know that tehre are FP2 owners in Canada! I live in an area where Fido/Rogers doesn’t have coverage, Therefore, my FP1 has become useless since I moved here (Gaspésie). I wanted to buy a FP2 but would live to make sure that it would be working with Koodo or Virgin. Any advice (you or anyone!)?

Also can I call Koodo/Virgin tech employees to know if it would work? Can they garantee it?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


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It might not give you an instant answer, but will certainly get you closer to it:

You will probably need to find out about your potential provider’s band as well to find the definitive answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links! :slight_smile: Most of the providers I asked to were not able to tell me this information and were just asking me to try to put a SIM in it… The thing is I want to be sure before ordering the phone! ^^


@CathCw Sure it Will work on koodoo, used my FP2 with then flawlessly for almost a year before moving with Rogers. You won’t have LTE though but won’t notice any difference using FP2

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@aerler I asked my family member to open the phone, remove all plastics that make it new and send it in another box. Custom declaration: “forgotten phone”. Can’t have any issue with that.