Can you use Secure Folder on Fairphone?

Samsung phones come with Knox Secure Folder. Is there a way of using something like this on the Fairphone 3+? I know there’s a Secure Folder app in the Play Store, but is it possible to download this onto the FP3+? Also, is this app safe to use? I know the Knox Secure Folder is safe but I think 3rd party apps are different?

Have you considered/tried this

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I would be very careful with shady proprietary apps in this case. You have no idea if the app doesn’t just send copies of those files to a server somewhere.
I don’t know what you want to store inside of such a folder, but if you don’t want to store it in your normal memory you probably shouldn’t have it on your phone at all…


Omg thank you! I haven’t tried it because I don’t currently have any non-Samsung Android phones (I haven’t bought a fairphone yet because I’m still deciding). Would it definitely work on a Fairphone??

How much data do you want to store encrypted? Fairphone Internal storage is encrypted. However the SD card is not unless you format it as internal storage ~ which is strongly advised against…
So use the SD card as external storage with images and music etc which isn’t sensitive date and store any documents, emails etc on the internal storage and use a good password to log into the phone…

I may try the app I linked to but I use Secret Safe Light to store personal data. It seems a lightweight encryption option but there’s a way through the apparent limit to data holding.

Be aware that using the SD card as internal storage will give you definitely so much problems that you can’t use your Fairphone normally.


An open source alternative:


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