Can you hide the icons at the top bar?

I was wondering the option to hide the bluetooth or NFC icon exists. It’s always on in my case, because of my SmartWatch… Then there is more space for important icons.

Can someone help me here?

Hi and welcome to the forum

I don’t think you’ll find an easy way to that

  • Alternate OS > not sure if they may that option user friendly
  • Root and hack the OS :frowning:

What ‘more important’ icons do you want etc?

Can another solution be to ask for a feature request for android 12? Can I do something like that somewhere?

If not integrated in the FPOS settings (search for status bar in the system settings) you can download the app system UI which gives more/hidden options
I use Iode OS and have it the settings


Yes you could but it would not result in a change.

  • Can you imagine how many feature changes that may be wanted
  • Some are deemed very important, like things missing from A10 to A11 etc.

Fairphone have to go through over 500,000 checks with Google to be able to use each Android before they can release it.

The only real way is to ask that of a alternate Android OS, but even then it’s a fair amount of work for a visual improvement, when there are functional issues being addressed.

A I see Yvmuell has a ‘solution’, so maybe not so difficult to achieve :slight_smile:

@yvmuell Thank you for the app. This is all i need. And thank you @amoun for your insight in the workflows of fairphone. :slight_smile:


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