Can you define app permissions in FP Open like in cyanogenmod?

Hey guys,

I would like to buy a FP2 and run FP Open OS on it. So far I am using cyanogenmod 12 on another brand and came to value the possibility to actively set permissions even for system apps like “this app is allowed to access camera, but not contacts”,…

As far as I understood there is an app on FP which displays permissions for certain apps, but that’s not enough for me.

Can anybody tell me whether you can define app permissions in FP Open OS?

Thank you!


Short answer: Out of the box, you can’t.

Longer version: If you leverage the possibilities you have by FP Open OS, TRWP Recovery and root access, you can install Xposed Framwwork and Xprivacy, then you’ll be able to manage app authorizations (at least in some areas) even more detailed than in CM.

Since I personally don’t use FP Open OS, Xposed or Xprivacy atm I can’t give you more details. But there are quite a few threads available which should be answering at least a good part of your questions.


Hey B,

thanks a lot for your detailed answer! Now at least I know what to look for :slight_smile:
I hoped this would be possible without 3rd party sw, maybe faiphone will incliude this in the future…


In the mean time, you can use an app for that: APK permission remover, non need to be root.

Thank’s for the hint!

I’m awkward to install further apps to limit others, especially if it’s something as far reaching as xposed. I wouldn’t feel safe any more on my own phone.
I am somewhat surprised that FP-Company has no solution here, because I guess that most customers are at least interested in privacy as well as in fair trade. For me personally the main point is the modularity.

I think I will wait purchasing an FP until either FPOpenOS has this functionality, a cyanogenmod is available or Android 6 is shipped on FP2.

Thank you for your effort!

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