Can you build a fairphone 1 with all the spareparts from the shop?


I would like to know if somebody already ordered all spare parts and built the phone at home? Is it possible from the parts? If yes is it possible without any instructions?


Don’t know if all spare parts make up a complete phone, but you should get pretty extensive guide for assembly over at
The display replacement guide shows pretty much everything.

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I recall that not all parts, which are required, come with the replacement screen. So I doubt that it’s possible to build the FP only with the spare parts.

Looking at the FP store, I think you’ll only miss the rubbers. The other parts are order-able I think. Don’t take my word for it though.

One thing I wonder about now is if you can put a FP1u motherboard in a FP1 and have the increased GPU speed that comes with it?


I think these are probably questions for support rather than the community :wink:

Good questions though, I love the idea of a DIY phone

Ralf Ort,

I wondered about the same idea when the spare parts shop was first set up and got in contact with the FairPhone team in Amsterdam about it (I’m Dutch).

Their reply was that, a) this is possible in theory, however they hadn’t heard about anyone trying it yet, and b) they wouldn’t encourage it, because (quite logically) the spare parts are meant for repairs of other Fairphones and would run out quickly if people started using them for building new phones.

Also, I think meanwhile not each and every part is available anymore and the prices have been raised a little (sums up to €275,04 excluding shipping costs), whereas the price of a FP1 has been lowered to €310,- so the difference isn’t that big.


Thanks arle.

Interesting to know that it could work. I dont think many people will try it because besides the similar cost there is no warranty if you build it yourself. So this will not make 1000s of people buy all parts from stock;)

On the other hand thinking long term why not encourage people to buy a do it yourself set (a bit like the IKEA-style)?

The background of the question is comming from what I do sometimes in my freetime: I am member of a repair cafe where we fix broken items (eg. old radios) and sometimes we organize workshops where we build something together with kids like a flash light or a LED X-mas tree.

So I will keep this idea in mind and talk to the other guys if we want to take the risk and build a fairphone. If we do it we would document it;)

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If you buy all spare parts can you effectively build your own FP1? Attractive because this works out at around €250.

Understand FP2 is nearly round the corner and very excited but is there a way to keep costs down by offering a kit version so you build it yourself? “Flat pack Fairphone” if you will?

I’ve done it. No soldering is needed (the LED and the motor are already soldered to the motherboard), just a Philips 000 screwdriver and steady hands. Following IFIXIT guides, it took me less than one hour.


Great, @enos, thanks for posting this news! :smiley: How much did you spend on it in total?

I think we should keep promote this idea further and see, if also a Fairphone 2 will be buildable with the spare parts, as soon as they are available. This could also lower the price.

Hi Stefan! It cost me 225 euro + shipping. I did not pay VAT because I have a company.
FP support was not enthusiastic, because they’d rather save available spare parts for repairs. They were very kind and supportive nonetheless.

Here is the full list of parts that I used:

  • Back Cover 957590783
  • Battery 987654
  • Daughterboard 10084884
  • Earpiece speaker 10084887
  • FP1U Display assembly 9988765
  • FP1U Motherboard 1293847
  • Midframe 3522352352
  • Rear Camera 10084885
  • Replacement Screws 10084890
  • RF Cable 10084840
  • Speaker 10084886
  • Volume and Power button 10084888
  • “Two plastic seals” (not for sale)

The two small plastic seals not for sale are one for the motherboard and one for the display. They seem to be optional, plus FP support may be able to provide them…

I agree and already proposed to FP support to put on sale a FP1 kit. Building FP2 would only take 10 minutes and thus not save you a lot of money, but watching your own phone come to life is still fun.

If you also plan to build a FP1 from scratch I would suggest to contact FP support in advance.


@enos: I think this is a good last post for a topic! :slight_smile:

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