Can WhatsApp be used in FP open?

Hi all,

Just wondering if the messaging app watsapp can be used in the FP Open OS. Watsapp belongs to facebook, so I imagine it could be possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can only get the app through the google app store (or the apple equivalent), in which case I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is no…

I tried looking for this in the forum but didn’t find any relevant posts. Sorry if I’m asking an old question.

Please, I don’t need tips to replace watsapp. I already use Conversations and Telegram. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people still use watsapp and I need it to communicate with certain groups.


Yes, easily possible. You can download an .apk from


WhatsApp works fine on Fairphone Open. It would work a bit better if you install and enable Google Cloud Messenging to get push services. That then let’s Google track some of your activity though.


And…if you install Island you can also have at the same time two different Whatsapp accounts running one for each SIM card! :wink:

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Thanks everyone, this was the last piece of info I needed. I have now successfully installed OpenOS and successfully installed whatsapp in it…

I now have a few other issues but I will make new topics for those.