Can we please have more openness about the touch screen bug?

Have you tried the suggestion with dis- and reassembling the phone? Evtl clean the connectors? Would be interesting if it has an effect

Tried disassembling and re-assembling the phone before calling support today. Required a bit more force than I imagined, but got there eventually. I could see a small piece of hair/dust on the screen which I removed thinking I’ve found the problem. But that didn’t improve anything once the phone was reassembled, so guess it was a red hair-ing (pun intended).

Support said they’d mail me back later and did so with the suggestions from the issues page. So I’ve politely said its all been tried out without success and repeated my request for getting the phone/screen replaced.

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Update on this: Since about two weeks I finally have a new display, with a manufacture date from March. Ot has not had any jumping screen issues and makes me a lot less of a frustrated FP2 owner :slight_smile: I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the “bright spots” issue is also a problem that’s been fixed in the March batch of displays.

That said, I still stand by what I’ve said in the post about the lack of communication about software and hardware issues with the FP2.


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