Can we found any way to reduce shipping costs (Barcelona)?


I have just received a FP2 as a present, and I wanted to buy an additional battery, to feel safer. Anyway, when I have seen the shipping costs, I have realized that almost double the prize of the battery.

That’s why, I wonder if anyone has thought how to solve these, and to reduce these costs.

Any idea?

You can organize a #groupbuy and share the shipping costs. Maybe there is even a group of #fairphoneangels near you who might have a battery in their stock.
Or you could try your luck in the #market.

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Wow, that’s a lot … is that shipping to Spain?

Well, almost: battery prize 20€. Shipping costs, almost 15€.
Spain? At this moment, yes. Barcelona, to be exact.

You are lucky, there are #fairphoneangels in Barcelona! :slight_smile: Simply send them an e-mail. :slight_smile:


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