Can TWRP 3.3.1-1 decrypt encrypted LOS 16?/Fairphone 2

Hi all, I have a question and could not find the answer, I have Lineage for Microg installed on Fairphone 2 and want to encrypt my device but I am worried about TWRP if it can decrypt it so I can install updates and backup and restore the device?
did anyone try to decrypt with TWRP 3.3.1-1 ?

best and please help…

TWRP 3.3.x can not decrypt anything on the Fairphone 2 as of now …

However, as only the data partition gets encrypted, you can happily update your OS nonetheless, and backup and restore your OS, even if you encrypt “the phone” (= the data partition).

TWRP doesn’t make a complete backup of the data partition anyway, the Internal Storage gets left out on purpose …

If you want to try to decrypt, you can try your luck with a custom TWRP 3.2.3 here …

Thank you very much, I wont encrypt then, I will wait for the next TWRP, lets hope… I install updates via TWRP/install zip and then I install Magisk every time…

In case I wasn’t clear enough … you can do that, even if you encrypt, and even if TWRP can’t decrypt.

Installing or updating stuff with TWRP has nothing to do with encryption, because installing/updating happens on the system partition and some other partitions concerning #modemfiles, and these are not encrypted, only the data partition is (if you choose to encrypt).

If you need TWRP to have access to the data partition to put the ZIP files you want to install there, you can use a micro SD card in the phone for this, or you can install via USB connection with ADB sideload (which TWRP supports).

Ok, got it, and I can still backup and restore with TWRP?

If you make a TWRP backup, you have to choose the partitions TWRP should backup for you.
If TWRP can’t decrypt the data partition, you can’t select it for the backup, this way you can only select partitions to backup which TWRP can also restore without having access to the data partition.
So backing up and restoring the state of the OS will work.

For backing up and restoring App data and everything in Internal Storage (which is the /data/media folder in the data partition) you would have to use other means.

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Thank you very much !

Hi ! I did encrypt LOS but no way to decrypt from recovery so I install updates via sideload adb…
I have a new problem now ! after reboot LOS can not see the micro SD card ! With the text “phone is starting” then I have blank screen so I reboot again and get the same thing … any solution ?

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