Can this hardware problem still be fixed? (FP2)

Dear Fairphone Community,

my FP2 bottom module is broken. First it stopped charging consistently, now it won’t charge at all. If I plug in the charger, it is only on, off, on, off etc. Now, I got a replacement bottom module, but I came across a new problem: One of the screws won’t come loose. The nut stays connected to the screw and has broken out of the plastic frame.

Here are some pictures:
As you can see, this screw can not be removed:

The nut that holds the screw is not in place anymore. On the left, the nut is still there, in the plastic. On the right, it is not there.

The nut is still on the screw and can not be removed.

I love the D.I.Y. repair attitude that Fairphone represents. But since it is not just a matter of replacing a module, but a matter of replacing the parts that hold the module in place, I am not sure whether I still have a chance of fixing this. I am very close to giving up, but want to see if anyone else knows a way.

So, my question: I have a spare nut and a spare bottom module. So, do you think it would be possible to insert a new nut into the plastic frame?

Any other ideas on how to get my baby working again are also welcome.

Thank you.

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I have a complete empty FP2 framework in my spare part box. If you are willing to move everything from your :iphone: to it, I can send it to you.


thanks for the offer! Does the framework include the hardware that is not part of the official modules (bottom, camera, top), that is: processor, GPU, RAM, SIM slot, and so on? So I would only need to move the modules and my data?


It’s just the plastic frame with the antenna.

That means that you have to transfer everything from your phone to “new” frame. Just check the teardown from ifixit, it’s not too complicated.


Would it be an idea to take an old screwdriver and glue the screwdriver to the nut and then remove it?

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For such problems are some special wrenches available, it bites in this nuts and you could open the screws from this nut.
You could get such tools also at ifixit. :wink: good luck by fixing this problem.
By the way use a set of new screws if you replace the frame.