Can the FREENOW cab app work on Fairphone 5?

Hi there, I’m considering getting a Fairphone. I’ve used graphene OS instead of an iPhone and love the de-googled aspect but find the inability to order a cab quite painful at times, requiring a workaround. Can the Fairphone work / use cab apps like FREENOW ? How to do this? Many thanks and kind regards, T

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I don’t get completely, what you want to know. Graphene OS runs on Google Pixel phones only, so not on an iPhone and not on the Fairphone. The latter is not degoogled, out of the box, if you buy it with the stock software. So basically all current Android apps from the Play Store are running on it. FreeNow should run also.

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Ah I thought one of the USP’s was it was, or could be, de-googled, as in not having to use google play services, which of course would have the freenow app. Or that the stock software out of the box was somehow de-googled with the ability to use cabs apps. Sounds like I got that wrong, unless fairphone can be degoogled somehow?

You can run degoogled Android versions on Fairphones instead of the original ones, but as I said, they are coming with full Google service, if you buy them at Fairphone.

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Can you buy / order them with Murena / e/os operating system installed? Is there an option to switch to google play services if need be ? Preference is to avoid google play services

Yes you can, at the website from /e/ os Murena.

Does the freenow app actually work, have you tested it? If so that would be awesome

if you still have a device with GrapheneOS you should follow the instructions to setup Sandboxed Play Services before you go out spending money on a phone you may not need: Usage guide | GrapheneOS

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No, I haven’t /e/ os Murena on my Fairphone 5. But you could ask it also at the forum of Murena.

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