Can the Fairphone 5 use mobile data while you're on the phone?

I have a FP5 running /e/ OS and it seems like it can’t access the internet while I’m talking on the phone. Anyone know whether this is a limitation of the hardware? I’m trying to figure out whether the problem is the phone, the OS, my carrier, or something else.

No hardware limitation. I think the important thing here is calling via LTE, often called VoLTE which needs to be enabled to avoid the phone having to fall back to a lower radio access technology while calling. Have a look at the settings if you can find anything related there.
Oh well, a few carriers don’t work properly with VoLTE from what I’ve heard/read here, so that might be a limitation but not exactly on the phone.


i have Volte support with my phone but my carrier sim always disconnext after calling so it seems like it depends on your carrier too

Are you using two SIM cards or one? I remember (on a different phone though) the second SIM I used for the internet was not active during the call (the first SIM used for calling)

only use one. ordered a fairphone 5. hope that will work fine with VoLte + Esim

Still using that first build I flashed on Sep 28 on my FP5 and I’m very content!

Are you able to use mobile data while on a phone call? This isn’t working for me on /e/OS, and I don’t know whether the issue is my hardware, my carrier, the OS, or something else.

Yeah, I never had problems with that. But I’m only on LTE, not 5G, so maybe that’s a difference? I guess for data to work during a call, voice and data need to be transmitted using the same network generation, for LTE there’s VoLTE (and the Fairphone probably indicates this with the “HD” badge in the call screen) but I don’t know how common 5G calling is among providers. Did you try limiting your network to LTE/4G?

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This is exactly what it was! I just needed to toggle on “4G Calling,” which was deactivated by default for some reason. Thank you!!

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