Can someone upload Lineage 0S 14.1 for me?

I suffer from the proximity sensor battery drain which is said to have been solved with Lineage 14.1. I tested it using Lineage 15.1 and it seems to be true there and may be true for the previous version too. I cant use 15.1 however since it breaks all night lights (like twilight). Now 14.1 has been deleted from official lineage website, so I ask someone to upload the zip for me.

That’s probably because LOS has it’s own night light function integrated and I believe this is the same for 14.1
If you still want to try it:

No, it isn’t the custom rom’s developers who have broken those overlays, it’s android/google. And 8.1 Oreo doesnt even have an in-built nightlight anymore which never wasn’t an alternative to twilight because of it’s rudimental funtions. Besides, not only twilight is broken, all overlay apps using the notification bar are broken, such as custom styles for one.

Thanks, for that user name, I will report back wether the battery drain problem is solved by installing 14.1

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