Can sent but can't receive mail

From 24th of March 2018 my Fairphone1 does not receive any mail. I can sent mails though. All other apps work perfectly. I have restarted the FP, but that does not change the situation. What can I do?

What email provider are you using (eg. Gmail? Outlook?)? Which email app do you use?

My email provider is xs4all (dutch) and I use the standard email app (‘E-mail’) on the FP.

Please contact xs4all. It might be that some settings on their side changed.

I have also an account with xs4all and I use K9-mail.
My settings for the sim are on the data
Go to the app Settings
Mobile network
Access point names
the APN should be;
name: xs4all
APN: umts.
Username: xs4all
Password: 1234
MCC: 204
MNC: 08
Authentication type: PAP
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified

Settings that I have no mentioned in this list are set to ‘none’ or ‘not set’

I write the details for the mail later this day/

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Details for the email app

Incoming server settings:
IMAP server:
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 993
Authentication: Normal password
Password: xxxx
tick the box with Auto-detect IMAP namespace
choose what you want for Use compression on network

Outgoing server:
SMTP server:
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 465
tick the box with Require sign-in
Authentication: Normal password
Password: xxxx

Thank you Lidwien,
All my setting were right. Then I changed Security from “SSL/TLS” into “SSL/TLS (Alle certificaten accepteren” and the email app began to collect all mail from the last one and a half week. I don’t understand why, but the problem is solved!
Thanks! Wim

The IMAP server presents a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate on port 993. (I don’t actually understand why, since the SMTP server has a wildcard certificate from Comodo which is also used for their web site.)
Make sure the date on your phone is correct, since these certificates have a very limited validity of 3 months. At present the server presents a certificate valid from Feb 20 to May 21, so if the date of your phone is set outside that range then it will mark the certificate as invalid.

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Yes, recently I had on my pc the message that the certificate was changed.

That’s true, but since the current one is valid it shouldn’t be necessary to choose ‘accept all certificates’.

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