Can not receive files with bluetooth


I just received my FP2, great!
Now I need to send my contacts from my old phone to my FP with bluetooth, but the FP will not accept anything sent from any phone or computer. I have sent several files from FP to my phones, but it does not work the other way around. They are paired (many times!) so I don´t understand why it´s not working. Anmyone has experienced the same?

What file types have you tried to send to your FP2?
A VCF file containing your exported contacts should work.
Can you give more details?

When I send files over bluetooth to my FP2, a notification pops up in the notification bar and I have to swipe the bar down and tap on it to permit the file transfer.

Sorry, I missed the answers you wrote here! I have tried to send my contact list from either another phone or from my computer. Sending between cellphones have worked with my previous phones but the FP seems paranoid and says it will not accept the files I tried to send by bluetooth. I tried with sending from my computer instead, that worked - at least I thought so. Then I discovered that only about 20% of the contacts hade been copied so I had to write down hundreds of contacts all over again! It seems there is something not working there with FP. :frowning:

By the way, is this forum at all watched by staff from FP or only users of their products??

I don’t know how regularly the staff looks into the forum. But the most active people here are just users, not the staff.
Well, the staff has no text or symbol next to their user names. You have to look in their profile. Staff members who are sometimes posting here are @anon48893843, @anon73900052 and @Douwe.

@Myshkin if you create a ticket and let me know the ticketnumber through a PM I will try to help you out!

Hi Michiel,

What do you mean by ticket number?
Actually, as nobody could solve this problem, it is now too late anyway as I already have put in every contact all over again on my FP: But for the engineers it is a must to look into this.

You will only have a ticket number if you submitted an official support request. That support request is the official way to get an answer from a staff member.

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