Can not install new apps error: not enough memory

I know it is an old bug, but once again it’s here: can not install apps, because there is supposedly no space on my phone. But there is plenty!

How to fix this again :frowning:

Upgrade your storage partitions:

Given in such cases there is often not enough memory even just for the storage upgrade, it makes sense to set back your Fairphone to factory settings (after you have made a backup of your data!) before you trigger the storage upgrade:

  1. Backup
  2. Set back to factory settings
  3. Storage Upgrade
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done all that but it does not help. Still same situation.

wait, need to go trough the procedure again first. If you dont hear from me anymore, then it is solved :slight_smile: (not very impressed though with the ‘usability’ of the FP1)


I had also some lack of space issues on my FP1U and could not install apps, in my case it helped to clean the app cache to gain about 1GB of space.

How to clean the cache for all apps is described here:

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