Can make a phone connection - but then no sound comes through

During a phone call, this morning, the contact suddenly stopped. That is: there still was a connection, but I could not hear the other side and they could no longer hear me.

Now, I can make calls (that is: have the phone at the other end ring) and I can be called (that is: my phone rings). But when the receiver is ‘picked up’ - no sound comes through.

When I do the Checkup in Settings, I do not hear myself.

The phone can play sound (e.g. in Youtube), so the speaker seems to work.

Any suggestions if and how this can be helped?

No sound in both directions during a call seems like a connection/provider/SIM issue rather than a phone hardware issue, though Checkup does test the hardware, sosomething seems to be wrong there too.
I’d try to #disassemble the bottom module and clean the contacts and then try calling with a different (new) SIM card.


SIM reset is going on as we speak… I hope for the best.
The disassembling is not something I feel secure about - not a very handy guy, myself. Maybe the angels can help in that respect…

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SIM reset did the trick. I can use the phone again.

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