Can I use the FP2 as a hotspot?

Hi everyone,
I’m about to buy a Fairphone, but not sue if I will be able to use it as a hotspot to go online with my computer. This is essential for me, since I work a lot while traveling. Can anybody reassure me?
Thanks in advance, all the best, Thomas

I’m using it often this way.


… but way better is if your computer has integrated sim card: It is far more convenient especially in moving environment.

There are various ways to connect your computer to the Fairphone’s mobile internet connection - and they all work well!

  • Wifi hotspot
  • Bluetooth
  • USB tethering

(Note that I am using Linux on my computer. With Windows, it should work as well. Mac OS doesn’t recognize USB tethering out-of-the-box, but wifi and Bluetooth can of course be used.)


Thanks to both of you, that’s very helpful!
Have a great weekend, Thomas

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I too and it works well!

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