Can I use MSWord with FairPhone 2?

I already ordered FairPhone 2, but would like to know if I can use MSWord and transfer from my old Nokia (or from other procedure?
I sent a message at FairPhone about 3 days back, but still no reaction ?
Thanks in advance for your support,

Yes. Bizarrely, Microsoft apps like Word, outlook mail and calendar etc address all better on Android than in Windows Phone.

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@paralou Word is available for the Fairphone 2 (as all other Android devices), as @kevr1990 said. On how to transfer data from your old Nokia, we need to know more. What type of data? Messages? Addressbook? Or only files, like the Word files or pictures?

I assume you are asking two questions:

  • Can I use MS Word? [Yes, see above!]

  • File transfer: Nokia had a lot “file transfer software” some of that will work. It’s often best to use a SD card to safe your old phones data somewhere. Or use the software that came with it. [Yes, I think so. Depends how good the Nokia software and the Android apps that you want to use are with import and export]

  • The main goal of the fairphone project is to make a fair phone, not to have the best custmor support. They are not very big. But it’s just a standard Android phone. So most things that will work for other Android phones, will also work with FP2 (with the right Android version). They also have not answered my questions, yet :smile:

  • Try to ask your questions in your mother language here as well (or just write it below your English text) a lot of people here will be able to help better, because so you can be more precise.

I think one can say “yes” to all your questions. So good luck with your FP2.

Hello kevr1990, ben, fp1_wo_sw_updates,

My apologies for my late reaction, but…I had a problem.

Many thanks all for Your supports, it’s realy very interresting, and I’m very lucky abnout all possibilities !

One last question please:
As a French speaking person, how will i be sure to have an AZERTY keyboard ?

Best regards to all,

This is either done when it asks you for your keyboard preferences when you first set up the phone or can be changed in the settings at a later point of time. There will be a way to choose the French keyboard layout anyway :slight_smile:

Hello huskers,

Good news !
Many thanks for Your support
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