Can I use a FP3 without a Google Account?


can I use a FP3 without a Google Account?

I will install F-Droid App Store.

For example a ShieldTV you can’t use without Google account. See privacy - Skip "Sign in to Google" when setting up new Android device - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I think it shouldn’t be a problem to not add a Google account.
Just know that Google still collects your data.
At some point FP will probably release Open OS for the FP3 too, which is Android without Google. This will collect less data.

See this discussion:

There will most likely also be alternative OSes ported by the community at some point. You’ll be able to find them in the #oslist.


do you have details for that?

I tried to install Lineage OS on a supported Samsung device and failed. Will it be more simple to install alternative Firmware on FP3? Can you compare?

In my experience - I installed lineage OS on 5 different devices (LG, Samsung, BQ, Motorola and FP2) - FP2 and BQ were the smoothest installations … pretty straight forward and no problems with unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom recovery

So I think it will be similar with the FP3

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