Can i sync my contacts with my Mac/iCloud? (was: One question from a Mac addict who tries to detoxify… :-))

Dear all,
I would like to ask for some advice.
All my devices are from Apple : MacBook Pro, iPad mini and of course, iPhone.
My old good iPhone 4 gets weaker (I don’t blame it!) and I’m not sure to spend 1000€ for the future iPhone 6, especially because I already do almost everything with the iPad mini. So, I’m very interested in the the Fairphone, also for the excellent approach for a fairer economy. I would have one question: as all my contacts are in the app « Contacts » by Apple (and synchronized with all my devices, including via iCloud when I’m at work with a PC), do you know if there is an app that would allow me to also synchronize all my contact with the Fairphone?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help/advice/suggestions/tips! :slight_smile:



no problem at all. There are different apps out there which are able to sync with iCloud. DAVdroid is one of them and available through Google Play (paid) and F-Droid (free). I’m very happy with DAVdroid syncing my mail, calender and contacts.



Thanks a lot, Tom!!!
It helps a lot!
And of course, I’ll keep you informed!

I use “Sync for iCloud” for contacts. It works great, except my groups don’t synchronize. I think I had a contact-app where I DID see them, but I never found that app again.

For calendar I use SolCalender and for task Reminder. You can sync your iTunes library with iSyncr (but that paid) or Easy Phone Tunes (paid too, and didn’t work for me).

Thanks a lot!!!
Now, I’m not worried anymore, there is solutions to sync all my “Apple Life” :smiley:
Thanks again (and btw, excellent forum where you quickly get answers to your questions by friendly members!)

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Nice to see, but for Davdroid I need my own server? What and where can I get it? So far I did not use iCloud so why should I do now? Also saw on the webpage from Davdroid that “fruux” works as a server, but it seems they do the same than Davdroid so why double the apps for the same thing? Seemed all easy but isn`t at the end for me and maybe for some others?
Any help would be appreciated very much.
So far I could easily put all my contacts via File Transfer and exported vCards on my Fairphone, but got stuck with iCal.
Use MBP with Mavericks (not really important for that but who knows)


You don’t need your own server for using DAVdroid.

Syncing is possible with any server.

With which “server” is the question. Or better: which server should i use? Which is recommended?

So which mail provider do you use? Easiest way is to sync contacts, calendar etc. through a provider like Posteo or

My mail provider is called: GMX.
I looked at their Calendar, which should work for me as Pro-User.
It is not available right now.
So no help from this side.

Now I found, happen by accident, Firefox Sync.
Does this help, there is said something about servers and stuff.

Hi @fotoroeder ,

welcome to Fairphone. Do be mad at me but i think our are asking a different question here. The original question was specifically anout syncing with iCloud, while your questions are absolutely legit and understandable, they are not really the same. I think it is easier for all of us if you open a separate topic.

While your question was already answered, i wrote this guide some months ago when i was in a similar situation, it is about setting up iCloud Sync with DAVdroid:

I open a new topic, thanks

Thanks a lot, Ben!
I will use your Guide for sure!


I’ve moved this topic into the Fairphone Café category.

hey, so i did this and works really fine for my contacts. is there any way of also doing it for my calendar on MBP + iPad? =)

Syncmate works perfect for me to sync calendar and contacts.
And iSyncr to sync Itunes.

I am/was also a Mac addict :~)
Have a Macbook and an Ipod Touch for 4 years.
Fairphone is my first smart phone and I have to get used to it, but apps like iSyncr and Syncmate do the trick :~)

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Yes, the same procedure should work for calendars as well.
You can use DAVdroid or Caldav Sync from the same developer as CardDav Sync.
Just repeat the steps for contact syncing and replace “” with “”.

I changed the title from "One question from a Mac addict who tries to detoxify… :slight_smile: " to make it easier for other to find, as the information may be useful for others as well…

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