Can I stop my FP3 from saving all photos to Google Photos?

Is there a way to use Fairphone 3 to take photos and not have them saved to Google photos? What are the alternatives?

I’m using Microsoft OneDrive, which has 5 GB of free space. The Windows client transfers photos to my PC automatically.

I’m not using a Google account, so I’ll have to ask …
What are your options in the camera App Settings (cog wheel in the top left corner) - Storage?
Can you set it to “Phone” or “SD card”?
And if set to e.g. “Phone”, does Google still copy the pictures to the Google account?

On second thought, the “Photos” App (managing the gallery) might be involved, but I can’t check, I don’t use that either.

Many users use Open Camera (Play Store / F-Droid).

And I deactivated the Photos App (among others), I use Simple Gallery Pro from F-Droid instead.


You can desactivate de Google Photos app in your settings :
Settings > Apps & Notifications > Photos.
This way you can continue using the Camera app.

To see my photos, I use the Simple Gallery app, it works pretty well (consider paying for the pro version if you use it for the long run).

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Hi Sinead,

Of course there is a way. You can toggle this in the settings of Google’s Photos app under “Back up & sync”.

BTW, Google has online help for pretty much everything. In your case at

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