Can I print from my phone?

Searched high and low but can not find a print function.

Hi @serpico

For which app precisely? In Acrobat Reader (for example) there is an option to print via Google Cloud, but not over Wi-Fi, bluetooth or anything similar.



Wanted to print my e-mail over WiFi. Possible?

Which e-mail app are you using? Default Android Mail, GMail, K9 … ?

Thank you Robin, using default.

After searching around it seems that a ‘default’ printing option is only supported in Android 4.4 and higher. However, most printer fabricants have their own app for printing via WiFi. Some of these apps enable an extra option when printing and some of them are standalone apps where you can browse your device and print the documents/pictures/… of you choice. (e.g. Brother, HP or HP ePrint, Epson or Epson iPrint …).

If not, you can always install Google Cloud Print or the another alternative like Printershare or Cloud Print Plus.

Good luck!

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As I´m new with smart phones, this will take a bit of time. Will come back to you when or when not successfull.
Thanks for your help, serpico

I happen to be in the same search (and also at the beginning :wink: )
I see there is indeed a lot of apps, even eliminating the cloud-related ones and the ones dedicated to a given printer maker.
I think I’ll need a comparison table, involving the possible variety of printable documents, the # of stars, the cost…
I’ll follow here and come back!
—edit, after some searching—
Focussing on non-cloud-dependent apps, and also not dedicated to a given printer make, I found the following series:

  • Printhand Mobile printing, starred 4.5, sold ~9€, very reactive support, printing over wifi, bluetooth, usb, supporting most formats (images, microsoft docs, pdf, html…)
  • Dynamix Printershare, starred 4, sold ~10€, basically the same features as the previous one, with an user of both of these criticizing it (having moved to Printhand)
  • four other softwares ranking <4 stars: by decreasing satisfaction order they are Teco Icanprint, Blackspruce Let’sPrint (free, and apparently the best within the free ones), Printeron, Eurosmartz Print.

I believe I’m going to try the first two ones; both allow some sort of test run (e. g. 20 free printings or 3 free per month…)

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OK. After some testing, Printhand results better than Printershare (much more options), Let’s Print failed in detecting my printer with a “javascript error”, and Icanprint started with a long questionnaire about me, my email, birthday, sex etc. which I cancelled immediately before even testing.
I just bought Printhand, and I can confirm it works perfectly from my Fairphone to my (wifi) Canon Pixma MG6150 for the various pdfs I just tried, image and text.


There’s a go-around, using (third-parity) apps that “print” into a pdf-file.
After that, you can transfer that file on your PC and print it normally.

Best regards

A small addition: aside from Printhand (which is the best “generic one” hands down) I then tried a dedicated app provided by my printer maker, Canon.
The result: print is not better, requires internet connection to process every document which is not a jpeg (!) so it’s not what I want for printing.
BUT, the Canon app also can drive the scanner part of my printer. And this, I didn’t find anywhere else.
So, it may be worth trying apps dedicated to one’s printer, just to check whether there are extra niceties like scanner driving…

Just wanted to add: I believe that printing is natively supported in Android 4.4… :wink:

But Android 4.4 doesn’t seem to become supported by the Fairphone in the nearest future :smiley:

Well, at least not officially :wink:

Thank you all for your hints, have been most helpfull.
I installed Printhand, first the trial and after that worked upgraded to the proper version.
Works well so far, even prints SMSes.
Am busy trying to connect to my e-mail account as it does not automatically connect to the existing mails. I need some data from the mail provider.
Thanks so far.

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