Can I move music files from amaze to google play?

Have managed to download some music from computer to phone and have found it in Amaze folder…can I move it to google play? On fp2…

You have to put the files into the Music folder.

Hi, they are in the ‘music’ folder in Amaze, but can’t find any other ‘music’ folder to put them in?! Trying to get them into google play…

They should show up in Google Play Music automatically (in the Music library section). Don’t they?

hi, back with same question - have transferred some music from computer to my fp2. I can see the album in the amaze folder, but can’t find it on google play…can anyone help? it’s driving me mad!! (have looked in music library section, can’t find album or a song off it)

Just to be sure, what file format are the music files?

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Just looked…

I am not sure that Play Music supports WMA files, it’s a rather uncommon format by Microsoft that was never popular in the industry. Best way to check if that is the reason is either installing another music player with explicit support for Wma or even better, converting the files to mp3.

VLC should be able to play slso WMA file.
Although I recommend not to use wma as cannot save high quality audio file. I suggest you AAC (.m4a) or Opus(.opus) codec.
Also note that conversions between lossy formats decrease the audio quality.


Thankyou, have transferred music on laptop from hardrive to google play, and now they have appeared on phone, so am happy! Thanks for taking time to reply people xx

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