Can I make the FP2 sweatproof?

Hi there,
I have a FP2 and take it with me while running or doing other sports. Usually, I store it in my running belt, which is not waterproof or sweat resistant. as I don’t want to damage my phone, I wrap it it cling foil. Has anyone a better option? are there any additional phone covers out there that could do the job? added difficulty: preserved headphone use, and I can’t use bluetooth headphones.

Thank you for any suggestions & help!

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You can find sealable plastic bags for SmartPhones etc. in Outdoor Stores - I can’t remember the brand but they work like zip locks. This won’t solve your headphone problem, though!

This phone is perfectly sweatproof ! don’t worry about it :slight_smile:
The following things are making it sweatproof :

  • the whole PCB is varnished, so slight water on the PCB is not a really big deal :slight_smile:
  • all connectors are glod plated (can’t rust) - and rubber sealed
  • the USB connector have its own seal
  • the modules are tightly gasketed

Keep in mind that phones are meant to be put in pockets, where humidity can be pretty high, and also meant to be used in area with 100% humidity :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about your phone, it will perfectly handle it !

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