Can I hide some topics?

Hi, is it possible to personaly hide some topics from

I would like to hide e.g. some FP3 astrology topics



The simplest way is to enter the topic: at the bottom there’s a button that allows you to set various notification options. If a topic is muted, it won’t appear in latest. Looks like this.

Alternatively, in latest view, look for a menu button next to ‘topic’ in the header row at the top of the topics list. Clicking it allows you to select multiple posts. A wrench icon will appear at the right of the header of the topic table, from which you can select ‘notifications’ to get to the menu shown above. This allows muting topics in bulk.
Finally, you can mute entire categories by going into the category view, clicking the circle icon next to the ‘new topic’ button at the top right, and selecting mute. The same applies to tag views, so if you’re really fed up with all things FP3 (and not just the wild speculations), head over to the FP3 tag overview, and mute the tag.


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