Can I expect battery discharge to stay the same on /e/

Can I expect battery discharge to stay the same on /e/ Os ?

According to experiences of @AnotherElk: yes.



I have been using /e/ for about 2 weeks now and the battery discharge is even longer. No big phone usage for me but with the stock OS I would charge my phone every 2days and now it is between 2 and 3 days.
Bear in mind I am not using gps because of the confinment.

Don’t hesitate if you have other questions :slight_smile:


On my FP2 I switched to /e/OS about 4 weeks ago after using FP OS and having problems with the battery (also FP1). Conclusion: the “battery life” on /e/OS is much, much longer!


For the time since then I can say it’s a bit inconsistent for me, but it certainly behaves good enough to not go back to stock for this.

Until now, /e/ for me never quite got to the battery life I got out of the stock OS, but usually it gets close to that.

You can see I got about 0.33% battery decrease per hour when idle with the stock OS (although not in stock condition), now I usually get about 0.5% battery decrease per hour when idle with /e/.

Occasionally this goes up to 1% or even 2% per hour when idle for me, but only for a while, and then it’s back to normal again without me doing anything. I haven’t figured out what the cause is, yet. I could imagine e.g. the Mail App occasionally taking longer to sync my mail accounts, but I’m not going to watch the phone for hours to wait whether I can catch it in the act :slight_smile: .
As long as it gets back to normal by itself, I consider that good enough for me.

I installed /e/ on my backup Fairphone 2, too, and battery life is the same as with LineageOS 16.0 for microG before.

Yep I confirm I can easily win 1 day of use more than with the stock OS.

/e/ is really the jewel missing in our Fairphoners’ life

Hi all!

I would like to improve my configuration with respect to battery life.

Do you have recommendations for the optimisation on /e/?


I just realized that I should clarify my endeavour: I want to optimise the settings. I am not referring to programming.

So, any advice regarding the system, apps in general or some specific app is welcome.

For reference:

Battery life on /E is pretty much o.k. /

if you really wanna safe battery:

  • disable gps
  • disable mobile data
  • use 2G only mode

Why would you buy a smartphone then?

True. :joy: But these are the settings that save battery the most.

Well, I could disable mobile data while using wifi at home, couldn’t I?
With respect to 2G, does it affect the performance a lot when using standard apps? Such as a browser?

You forgot keeping the display switched off all of the time.


Like, not using your phone at all? :upside_down_face:

4G or Wifi is what you want for browsing.

Ok, I hereby confirm your claim. It is lame indeed. I just tried it out.

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