Can I change the font on FP 4?

On the galaxy phone (that now is replaced by fp4) I used a different font (Benguiat, had to buy it but its worth it’s 5$, for me).
I can probably transfer the original zip file but is it possible to I stall and use that font? I’ve come to really like it, and it’s very readable in large blocks of text.

So wondering.
I don’t want to root the device, and for now I don’t have good reasons to change the system (launcher?) But that might change later on.

I am currently not using the default OS, so I can’t answer your question directly.
If you open the settings, there is a search field on top. If you enter “font” there, you should see everything related to it. If I recall correctly, changing the font has never been a default Android feature, so if you find settings like “font size” but nothing related to the type, the chances are low in my opinion.


I do it now with Font Manager Magisk module. I used to be able to replace Roboto fonts with others, but I can no longer write in /system/fonts

Don’t know anything about fonts on smartphones in general.
I was annoyed that there was a Google search field on my home screen occupying space that I could use for other stuff.
Nova Launcher Prime was my solution to that problem. It’s a launcher that I can highly recommend.