Can I buy the Fairphone 4 in the U.S.?

Hello, can I buy the Fairphone 4 (or any model) in the U.S.? If not, will the company please make plans to start selling in the U.S.? Or, is there a market for a company to re-sell Fairphones here?

Thanks --Adam


First of all, welcome to the community forum! :slight_smile:

At short term, the answer remains NO.

But I recommend you have a look here to find “allies” :wink: :+1:



We are also interested in Fairphone3 or 4 here in Texas.

I don’t know how to influence Fairphone more than we are already doing, by sending messages, emails, and discussion forum entries.

Do keep in mind that they would have to likely make a ‘USA-compatible’ version that would support at least all the 4G and 5G variants in the USA, as well as CDMA-variants (non-GSM) for Verizon.

They already have their hands completely full with Europe and appear not to yet have the impetus to come fully to the US, even tho we NEED THEM SO MUCH.



I still suggest to use the topic I linked to to “team up” with others on your side of the sea. Once you post there, the previous participants might get an automatic notification. It might re-ignite a new push :wink:


Hi Adam,

I was able to buy a FP4 through and get it shipped to California. There’s also a British reseller called “Clove” that will ship to the US, I believe. Has anyone else done this? If so, what carrier are you using? I’m getting mixed success with TMobile.


Hi Elliot,

Can you elaborate on your mixed success? I’m actually considering getting one to the US. From what I’ve heard it should work best with T-Mobile since it supports most of the most bands that T-Mobile uses. Do you mind confirming if you can make Volte calls? Since 3g is coming to an end in the US, if this phone doesn’t support Volte calls with T-Mobile then I think it’ll basically be a brick since you can’t make calls once 3g gets removed. Thank you!

Update: I’m returning the phone. Couldn’t get it to work on TMobile sadly.


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