Can I bring the phone to the Fairphone repair centre personally?

Hi, I have an FP1 and the screen seems to have stopped working. The phone still turns on and the backlight works, but nothing displays on the screen. The same thing happens when trying to boot with factory mode.

Is there anything else to try?

Phone was purchased very soon after the full release, i.e. I didn’t pay in advance to fund the development, although I recall that it took about 3-4 months to actually receive, it was sent to the UK initially. Would the phone still be in warranty? Although, it has been mainly used outside the EU (in China - pretty silly that it had to be shipped all the way to NL then UK then back to China, but there you go), but everything was working fine until the problem with the screen started.

I will be visiting Amsterdam in a few months. Is it possible to bring the phone to the repair centre personally? If not, I cannot be bothered to disassemble it myself and it is not worth paying a courier to ship it, so I may just sell it to a recycling centre.

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Hey, I changed the title to reflect your actual question. (I would suggest you to order a spare screen, but you state that you don’t want to disassemble the phone yourself.)

I’m afraid this is not something the community can answer right now. Usually the Fairphone team like to be contacted beforehand, if you want to drop by, so you should contact them and ask what to do (go to and scroll down).